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Superior Products Plus Superb Service Equals Sky Success


Sky has always been known to constantly innovate their products and match these with great customer service to make sure that what they offer to the market is fresh, creative and value filled. They know their customers well and they only want to provide the best there is.

With this, Sky has outdone itself. This is according to Ofcom who said that among the big providers, Sky is at the top in terms of providing customer satisfaction. The regulator firm said that this is good news as in the past years, Sky Broadband’s reputation hasn’t been so highly help by its consumers. Apart from Ofcom’s ratings, Sky is also doing well in other consumer surveys being conducted independently.

Sky is one of the leading and biggest selling media company around. It is known for providing the best customer services also in the country. As a satellite broadcasting company providing on demand media, telephony and Broadband services across the UK, Sky has been a market leader for decades already.

High Score

Sky has gotten an 80% score for customer satisfaction rating as compared to its nearest competition, Virgin Media, which scored 70%. The two broadband providers have swapped places before with Ofcom’s ratings. Beaten by Virgin in 2014, Sky was able to bounce back and beat Virgin by as much as 10%.

Being the leading home entertainment and communication provider for UK, Sky receives a heavy volume of calls daily. There are those who are looking to upgrade or seeking for more information about different features from the post-sales support team. There are new customers joining the growing Sky family asking for installation and troubleshooting assistance. And of course, there are those unhappy and dissatisfied customers who call in to file for complaints and request for cancellation of service.

Tech Support

Basically, customers call the Sky phone number to ask about technical issues and needed troubleshooting support over the phone. This is especially true for Sky TV and Sky Broadband.

Sky does not offer the lowest cost for a standalone broadband connection or a line rental. The Sky Broadband Lite is only offered to new customers. It is extended to Sky-Q-Silver-front-cut-outexisting customers only if they already have the Sky TV installed. The Sky broadband is also available if you are willing to switch from your current operator to Sky phone service.

Take advantage of Sky Broadband Lite if you already have Sky TV. You will find it to be the cheapest option available in the market.

Ask Sky

In terms of availability, not all of the packages are available for everyone. You have to ask through the Sky helpline about limitations especially for Sky Fibre connections.

You can also check this information online by using your postcode and your phone number.

Sky line rental has been set to £17.40 since December of 2015. The last time Sky raised its line rental was in December of 2014. This is the cheapest compared to the other big four telco providers around. The increase of £1 is in the same timing and amount as the previous increases in pricing.

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