Lone Star Uke Fest 2013

The Barnkickers - Steve & Amanda Boisen

While maintaining a career as an in-demand jazz bassist, Florida based musician Steve Boisen was quietly searching for the right voice to breathe life into his original compositions. After years of trial and error, he finally discovered the sound he was looking for: the voice of his own daughter, Amanda. By combining their vocal and instrumental talents, diverse songwriting ability and a mutual love for the surprisingly versatile ukulele, they became The Barnkickers, a wholly unique father-daughter musical duo.

The Barnkickers original music possesses a vintage-yet-modern vibe that incorporates touches of tin-pan alley and ragtime along with a contemporary folk and singer-songwriter sound. “Up Before Noon”, their debut CD of original music, became a featured item with several major retailers and lead to performances at music festivals and venues around the country, as well as magazine articles, radio broadcasts and television programs spotlighting their music.

Steve and Amanda have also coordinated several fundraising projects designed to benefit children with autism, including an annual music festival and a compilation CD featuring many noted artists including Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes and 60’s pop star Ian Whitcomb. The Barnkickers continue to present their music to fans who appreciate the honesty of their sound and the unique nature of their collaboration. 
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